Dual CAN Hub

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The Dual CAN hub expands two CAN bus networks into twin 4 expansion ports.

Powered 8 port dual can hub 3quarter.jpg

Power is provided through a single CAN + power interconnect, which powers the connected data system (e.g. RaceCapture) in addition to devices connected the CAN hub ports.

Dual CAN hub diagram.png


Connecting RaceCapture

To connect RaceCapture to the Dual CAN hub, use the RaceCapture Integration cable, available separately


  • Supports two CAN bus networks
  • Input power + CAN connection for CAN1, suited for single-cable OBDII or ECU connection
  • contains 4 M8 CAN ports per network (8 ports total)
  • Includes 2 meter power + CAN pigtail
  • RaceCapture Integration cable available separately
  • Dimensions: 125x75x43mm
  • Weight: 200 grams

Powered 8 port dual can hub.jpg