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Standardized Connections

The following represents the new standard starting in 2020 for power, CAN, and analog/digital signaling

Connector / Signaling Standard

Interconnects are based on industry-standard M8 and M12 connectors

Power + CAN Single interconnect

  • Connector: M8 4P, A coding

M8 4P male pinout.jpg

Male connector pictured

Pin Connection Notes
1 CAN low
2 Power Red, 12-14v / 1A (~12W)
3 CAN high
4 Ground Black

Power is standard automotive 12-14v (nominal).

The M8 is an industry standard connector; field-wireable connectors for the M8 4P and other variants are available from 3rd parties:

Dual CAN + power interconnect

  • Connector: M8 6P, A coding

M8 6P male connector.png

Male connector pictured

Pin Connection Notes
1 CAN1 low
2 CAN2 low
3 CAN2 high
4 Ground
5 CAN1 high
6 Power 9-24v @ 1A max current

Single analog/digital channel

  • Connector: M8 3P, A coding

M8 3P male connector.png

Male connector pictured

Pin Connection Notes
1 Ground Brown
3 Power 5v @ 1A max
4 Signal

Quad analog/digital channels

  • Connector: M8 8P Male, A coding

M8 8P male pinout.jpg

Pin Connection Notes
1 Analog/Digital 1
2 Analog/Digital 2
3 Analog/Digital 4
4 Vref 5v @ 1A max current, combined with pin 6
5 Ground
6 Vref 5v @ 1A max current, combined with pin 4
7 Analog/Digital 3
8 Ground

Octo analog/digital channels

  • Connector: M8 12P, A coding

M12 12P male connector.png

Male connector pictured

Pin Connection Notes
1 Analog/Digital 1B
2 Analog/Digital 2B
3 Analog/Digital 4B
4 Analog/Digital 1A
5 Analog/Digital 2A
6 Vref 5v @ 1A
7 Analog/Digital 3A
8 Analog/Digital 4A
9 Analog/Digital 3B
10 Ground
11 Ground
12 Ground

Available cabling

CAN extension cables

Each CAN extension cable includes a M8 male to M8 female connector. Power rated at 1A (12watts at 12v)

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_M8_CAN_EXT_0.5M 0.5 meter CAN extension cable
ASL_M8_CAN_EXT_1M 1 meter CAN extension cable
ASL_M8_CAN_EXT_2M 2 meter CAN extension cable
ASL_M8_CAN_EXT_3M 3 meter CAN extension cable
ASL_M8_CAN_EXT_4M 4 meter CAN extension cable

CAN splitter

The CAN splitter/y-adapter splits a single CAN bus so a device can be inserted within a loop.

  • Note: stub length to devices should be 300mm maximum, including length of Y adapter branch.

The Y adapter includes a 15cm feed connection with a M8 4P male connector, with two 10cm connections with M8 4P female connectors on each end, wired in parallel to the feed input.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_CAN_SPLITTER Single channel CAN splitter

M8 Power + CAN pigtail

Used as a primary power + single CAN bus connection to enable a one cable power + data solution to the Dual CAN hub or RaceCapture.

M8 4P male on one end, pigtails on the other.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_POWER_CAN_PIGTAIL_2M Power + CAN pigtail, 2 meter


  • Red / Pin 2: +12v
  • Black / Pin 4: Ground
  • White / Pin 1: CAN Low
  • Green / Pin 3: CAN High

M8 Power + CAN device pigtail

Used to provide power + CAN to a CAN device such as AnalogX, TireX, etc. for a non plug and play installation, such as custom-wired application.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_DEVICE_CAN_PIGTAIL_1M Power + CAN pigtail for individual devices, 1 meter


  • Red / Pin 2: +12v
  • Black / Pin 4: Ground
  • White / Pin 1: CAN Low
  • Green / Pin 3: CAN High

Dual CAN interconnect (RJ45)

Designed to link RaceCapture/Pro MK2,MK3 and RaceCapture Track MK1/MK2 to powered dual CAN hub

  • RJ45 to M8 6P male, 1 meter length
Orderable SKU Description
ASL_DUAL_CAN_RJ45_M8_1M Dual CAN RJ45 to M8 6P male, 1 meter

Dual CAN interconnect

Interconnect designed to link powered dual CAN hub

  • M8 6P male to M8 6P male, 1 meter length
Orderable SKU Description
ASL_DUAL_CAN_M8_1M Dual CAN M8 6P male to M8 6P male, 1 meter

Inline CAN terminator

Single channel 120 ohm terminator designed to insert inline into a harness. Consists of a compact M8 4P male to M8 4P female.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_CAN_TERMINATOR Inline CAN terminator, M8 4P

Analog/Digital cabling

Sensor Pigtail

The sensor pigtail consists of a M8 3P Male to prepared ends, with 24 AWG conductors.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_M8_SENSOR_PIGTAIL_2M M8 3P to bare wire sensor pigtail, 2M, 24 AWG

Sensor Extension Cable

Extends an analog sensor connection. Cable consists of an M8 3P male to M8 3P female connection.

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_M8_SENSOR_EXTENSION_1M M8 3P sensor extension cable, 1 meter
ASL_M8_SENSOR_EXTENSION_2M M8 3P sensor extension cable, 2 meter
ASL_M8_SENSOR_EXTENSION_3M M8 3P sensor extension cable, 3 meter
ASL_M8_SENSOR_EXTENSION_4M M8 3P sensor extension cable, 4 meter

Quad analog/digital sensor splitter

Splits 4 analog/digital channels to individual sensors.

Feed input is a 15cm feed to an M8 8P male connector. Each split channel is on a 15cm stub, with M8 3P female connector

Orderable SKU Description
ASL_4X_SENSOR_SPLITTER 4X analog / digital sensor splitter

Quad Sensor to bare wires pigtail

Provides a bare wire pigtail for 4x analog/digital sensors, suitable for non plug and play installations for AnalogX/GPIOx, etc.

  • Note For plug and play installations, use a combination of the quad analog/digital sensor splitter, extension cables and plug and play sensors.
Orderable SKU Description
ASL_M8_QUAD_SENSOR_PIGTAIL_1M M8 8P male to bare wire quad sensor pigtail, 1M, 24AWG


  • White / Pin 1 : Analog/Digital 1
  • Yellow / Pin 2 : Analog/Digital 2
  • Gray / Pin 3 : Analog/Digital 4
  • Red / Pin 4 : 5v reference
  • Brown / Pin 5 : Ground
  • Pink / Pin 6 : 5v reference
  • Blue / Pin 7 : Analog/Digital 3
  • Green / Pin 8 : Ground

Delphi GT150 sensor interconnect

Connects a single Analog channel to a Delphi GT150 sensor connection.

  • Typically used for pressure sensors. Compatible with 10 and 150 bar Autosport Labs sensors.
Orderable SKU Description
ASL_DELPHI3_M8 Delphi GT150 3 pin to M8, 2 meters

Autosport Labs Linear temperature sensor

Connects a single analog channel to the Autosport Labs linear temperature sensor.

  • Note - sensor is integrated into the end of the cable
Orderable SKU Description
ASL_LINEAR_TEMP_M8 Autosport Labs linear temperature to M8, 2 meters