MJLJ Configuration Software

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The current version of the MJLJ configuration software is available below:

Downloads For V3 controller hardware

Downloads For V2 controller hardware


  • Completely Revamped look and feel from the 2.x configuration software
  • Flexible, intuitive and interactive tuning
  • Data logging and time-based runtime monitoring capabilities
  • Fully configurable user interface, dock, drag, resize to your preference!
  • Native windows application with painless installer
  • Current support for Windows 2K / XP / Win98(not officially supported)


MjljConfigV3 config screenshot.png
The familiar ignition map editing table

MjljConfigV3 runtime screenshot.png
'A 'strip chart' view showing runtime data plotted over time'

The interactive tuning window
A 'strip chart' view showing runtime data plotted over time

MjljConfigV3 reconfigurable1 screenshot.png
A fully reconfigurable user interface allows you to drag, re-dock, and even dramatically resize gauges to your preference