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==Select your Preset configuration==
==Select your Preset configuration==
When presented with the presets, Select AiM as your preset.
Select the preset configuration matching the system you have
==Select your favorite Tracks==
==Select your favorite Tracks==

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Getting Started

Installing the app

Install the beta 1.12.0 app from http://podium.live/software (Windows or OSX)

Android: Follow this link to get the Beta 1.12.0 app: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.autosportlabs.racecapture

First time setup wizard

Recommend setting up with windows/OSX to start.

  • Plug RaceCapture into the USB port on your computer and launch the app.
  • The app will present you with a startup wizard. Follow the steps.

Select your Preset configuration

Select the preset configuration matching the system you have

Select your favorite Tracks

  • Select the tracks you will typically race at so PodiumConnect can detect the track location and calculate lap times.
  • Note: Only select the one track configuration per venue.

Create an account on Podium

Create an account on Podium http://podium.live - then follow the steps to create a Device. Note the Device ID provided, you will need to enter it into the wizard.

Select your cell provider

Select the cellular provider you will use.

Verifying connectivity with data system

  • Connect the integration cable between your data system and PodiumConnect.
  • Navigate to the dashboard view in the app, and press the left arrow in the lower left of the screen, until you see a page with many channels listed.
  • Verify you are seeing data in the GPS and sensor channels flowing from the data system.

Adjusting your Channel Mappings

You may need to adjust or remove channels loaded by the preset that are not being used.

  • Navigate to Setup / CAN Mapping screen.
  • Remove or adjust channels as appropriate.
  • Press "Write" to write the settings to PodiumConnect

Testing Telemetry

Install your SIM card

Insert your SIM card by popping the drawer

  • On the rear of the unit, pop the SIM card drawer out of the unit by pressing the ejector button with a ball point pen.
  • Install the SIM card into the tray, with the gold contacts facing up.
  • Slide the SIM card tray back into the drawer, ensuring you engage the drawer slot carefully. Press until the drawer seats.

Testing Telemetry

  • Power up PodiumConnect and attach the cellular antenna. Torque the antenna just beyond finger-tight (do not overtighten). 4-6 inch/lbs.
  • Watch the telemetry LED on the front of the unit. When it begins to flash regularly, this means telemetry is broadcasting.
  • Open your Podium account and navigate to http://podium.live/home
  • Refresh this page when telemetry is broadcasting; you will see an "Ad Hoc event" listed.
  • Click this link, which brings you to a page showing all devices at the event. (yours will be the only one).
  • Click the name of your device. This will show the main race dashboard page.
  • Here, you will see live data flowing from PodiumConnect.