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Integrating PodiumConnect with the AEM CD7 + VDM

PodiumConnect receives data from the AEM system via the CD7 dashboard and the AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM). The VDM together with the CD7 provides the minimum data required for proper operation. Additional sensor data can be broadcasted by the CD7 via CAN bus, as well as reading data from ECUs, using our standard CAN bus integration and presets

Connecting the AEM system

The AEM CD7 and VDM provides a two wire CAN bus connection to external devices. Connect the AEM CAN high and CAN low wires to the PodiumConnect CAN1 high and CAN1 low connections using the provided wiring harness. PodiumConnect AEM CD7 VDM integration.png

Selecting the AEM CD7 preset

During the first time setup wizard, select the AEM CD7 preset during installation. AEM CD7 with VDM preset.png

Verifying CAN bus connectivity

With both PodiumConnect and the CD7 powered, you should see the orange CAN bus indicator illuminated / blinking. This means PodiumConnect is receiving CAN bus data from the AEM system.

Verifying data on the RaceCapture dashboard

Verify the proper data is being received by going to the RaceCapture dashboard. Navigate to the raw channels view to view all channels currently in the system. Here, you will see the data currently being broadcasted to PodiumConnect, mapped through the AEM preset.

PodiumConnect AEM VDM raw data.png

Continue with the remaining setup steps to verify telemetry

Once you've verified connectivity, you can resume the rest of the setup process to confirm telemetry connectivity