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RaceCapture Introduction

Autosport Labs RaceCapture is a powerful data acquisition and control system for motorsport applications, presented at a break-through price.

Beta testing in 2009!

If you are interested in participating in our beta test program, email us with your request, including a short note explaining your need and desire for such a system, and a bit on your relevant background and experience. This information will help us qualify you as a beta-tester. Previous 'good-citizen' beta-testers will get preferred placement.

File:Race cap board sm.jpg File:Race cap board case sm.jpg


Extreme flexibility comes with a powerful processor and a wealth of inputs and outputs.

Inputs and outputs

  • 7 dedicated analog input channels
    • Measure sensors or receive input from other devices...
  • 3 dedicated frequency input channels
    • Measure RPM, wheel speed, anything with a measurable interval. One channel is optically isolated for direct connection to ignition coil.
  • 4 configurable analog,digital or frequency output channels
    • Control other systems or even over-ride OEM sensors
  • 3 configurable digital channels, configurable for input or output
    • Receive input from switches; or configure as output and use to activate accessories or drive indicator lamps
  • Input for precision 3 channel accelerometer (+/- 2G per axis)
    • Measure and log 3-D G-Force in realtime with one of the industry's most accurate and precise accelerometers!
  • GPS module input
    • Add an external GPS module for course mapping
  • Auxiliary serial expansion port
    • Interface to future interactive dash/display


  • SD Memory card slot for data acquisition
    • Store up to 2GB of logging data


  • Powerful 48MHz 32 bit ARM processor
    • Enough power for high frequency logging and running complex, user-defined logic


  • Compact, rugged design with good looks
  • Easy to use screw terminal block for wiring
  • On-board 'action' switch to start/stop logging (or other use)
  • On-board Status LEDs


Unprecedented ability to customize logging and define behavior for user-outputs.

  • Customize logging channels and frequency
  • Control outputs based on the logic YOU define
  • Powerful PC software to customize, view and analyze data

The Intangibles

  • Far more than a data-logging system; the combination of a powerful processor with inputs and outputs allows this system to be used for many different applications!
  • Share configurations, tips and ideas with our online community
  • Open development process, frequent software updates and end-user customizable!