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RaceCapture/Pro MK1 information page

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10Hz GPS
Rev F board
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Terminal Block

Open Source Data Acquisition and Control

Autosport Labs is excited to announce our latest project: RaceCapture/Pro - a powerful, multi-channel data acquisition and control system for motorsport applications


RaceCapture/Pro transcends most traditional "Data Logging" systems by virtue of its powerful processor, an emphasis on outputs as well as inputs, and on-board Lua scripting that lets you define custom behaviors. The ability to perform data acquisition while controlling other devices and systems, coupled with flexible end-user customization offers an unprecedented level of capability.


While the primary application of RaceCapture/Pro is focused towards race car data acquisition, its powerful processor combined with a wealth of inputs and outputs also makes RaceCapture/Pro a general purpose automotive computer, one capable of handling many different tasks - limited only by your imagination. If the question is "Can RaceCapture do ...?" the answer will likely be 'Yes' and often with little to no external hardware support necessary.


On-board scripting

We embedded the Lua scripting language right on board RaceCapture/Pro; with Lua you can control RaceCapture's behavior at run-time, no firmware programming required.

Some Examples:

    • Activate a warning light when an input threshold is exceeded, such as temperature or pressure, or a combination of both
    • Log data at a higher rate when in range of a particular GPS coordinate, or when some other condition is met
    • Auto-start/stop logging based on speed, RPM, or any other condition
    • Experiment with active aerodynamics by adjusting a wing based on GPS velocity
    • Define logic to control an intercooler sprayer
    • Intercept and remap an OEM sensor
    • Activate Smoke screens against your competitors :)

Software Connectivity

RaceCapture/Pro will feature software to:

  • Customize logging channels
  • View Runtime Data
  • Edit custom scripting
  • Perform data analysis and replay

Infinite Possibilities

  • Far more than a data-logging system: flexible Inputs and Outputs coupled with a powerful processor offers endless customization
  • Share configurations, tips and ideas with our online community
  • Fully Open Source System - Open Standards, Open File format Frequent software updates and end-user customizable!
  • Source code

Technical Specifications

Extreme flexibility comes with a powerful processor and a wealth of inputs and outputs.

Input and Output Channels

RaceCapture offers 25 input and output channels, enough to handle complex logging and control tasks.

  • 7 dedicated 0-5v analog input channels
    • Measure sensors or process input from other devices.
  • 3 dedicated 0-5v frequency input channels
    • Measure RPM, wheel speed, or any kind of periodic pulse.
  • 4 configurable 0-5v analog or frequency output (PWM) channels
    • Control other systems or even override OEM sensors
  • 3 configurable digital channels, settable for input or output
    • Receive input from switches or digital signals; or configure as output and use to activate accessories or drive indicator lamps with on-board 1A self-protected mosfets
  • 4 Axis Accelerometer: 3 channel accelerometer module plus Z-axis gyro (+/- 2G per axis, 3G optional)
    • Measure and log 3D G-force in real-time with one of the industry's most accurate accelerometers.
    • Z-axis gyroscope measures yaw/drift in real-time.
  • 10Hz GPS module input
    • Add an external GPS module for course mapping
      • Plot location, speed and time. Onboard detection of start/finish line for automatic lap count and lap time
  • Auxiliary Serial Port
    • Interface to real time telemetry, bluetooth adapter, dashboard display or other interface
  • Digital expansion port
    • A high speed port provides the ability to add CAN bus expansion, more analog or digital channels, integrate specialty sensor hardware such as thermocouple amplifiers, and so on


  • SD Memory card slot for data acquisition
    • Store up to 32GB of logging data


  • 48MHz 32 bit ARM processor
    • Enough juice to perform high resolution logging and running complex, user-defined logic

Input/Output Protection

  • 40v protection on all input pins
  • Analog outputs protected by auto-resettable fuses
  • Digital outputs are rated at 1A with self-protected mosfets
  • Over-current protection on 5V reference
  • 2A internal switching power supply


  • Compact, rugged design
    • Unit measures approximately 4 x 3 inches (100 x 82 mm)
    • Weighs 8.4oz
    • Real-Time module weighs 7oz
  • Easy to use screw terminal block for wiring
  • On-board 'action' switch to start/stop logging (or other use)
  • On-board Status LEDs


  • 9-17v power
  • < 100mA for RaceCapture/Pro.
  • May burst to 2A temporarily when using RealTime Telemetry module

Example Sensor Connectivity

RaceCapturePro infographic sensors.jpg