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===Mac OS X===
===Mac OS X===
[http://autosportlabs.net/asl_dist/rc_app/racecapture_osx_1.2.5.zip RaceCapture App v1.2.5 Beta]
[http://autosportlabs.net/asl_dist/rc_app/raceCapture_osx_1.2.5.zip RaceCapture App v1.2.5 Beta]
Requires OSX 10.6+
Requires OSX 10.6+

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RaceCapture App

  • Use the RaceCapture App to configure and visualize data from your RaceCapture/Pro device.
  • For MK1 and MK2 versions of RaceCapture/Pro
    • MK1 users: ensure you have updated to the latest V2 firmware.

Note - Dashboard, configuration and telemetry analysis features via race-capture.com are available now; in-app analysis features will be available in the upcoming release (soon)


Requires: Windows 7+; 2GB RAM; OpenGL 2.0 graphics support

RaceCapture App v1.2.5

Note: The app will fail to launch if OpenGL 2.0 graphics are not supported. If this happens try updating your graphics driver.

Previous Versions

Extract this zip package to your computer and direct Windows to the location of the drivers when you are prompted for drivers after RaceCapture/Pro is plugged in.

Mac OS X

RaceCapture App v1.2.5 Beta

Requires OSX 10.6+

Unzip the file and copy the RaceCapture app to your Applications directory.

This is a beta it may crash or have unexpected behavior. Please file bugs on our forums here http://www.autosportlabs.org/viewforum.php?f=33


Packages coming soon!

Mobile App

Android: Use the RaceCapture/App in the Play Store

  • Note : The main RaceCapture app will be supported on Android in an near-term upcoming release. This will provide a unified experience across all platforms.

USB Driver

Note for Windows 8 users - These drivers are unsigned. We are working on creating a signed driver set, but in the meantime you will need to disable the driver signing requirement for Windows 8. Instructions

  • OS X: No driver needed
  • Linux: No driver needed

RaceCapture/Pro MK2


See the CHANGELOG file in the .zip file package to see the list of changes for that release.

Previous Versions

How To Update Firmware

RaceCapture/Pro MK1


The V2.x.x firmware for MK1 is considered 'stable beta' - We feel it's much better quality than the previous 1.2.x firmware and RaceAnalyzer combination, but since it is the first V2 firmware and app release for MK1, we are officially calling it Beta. Please visit the Discussion / support forum for help.

Previous Versions

How To Update Firmware

MK1 Bootloader Releases

The bootloader is permanently, factory installed and shouldn't normally need to be re-flashed - contact us for support if you have any questions.

Firmware update utility

This is a small command-line utility that writes new firmware to RaceCapture/Pro. Note, it is already included in the .zip distributions of RaceCapture/Pro firmware.