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'''Additional information'''
'''Additional information'''
* [[RaceCapturePro_How_To_Update_Firmware|How To Update Firmware]]
* [[RaceCapturePro_How_To_Update_Firmware|How To Update Firmware]]
* How to video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAFb-EeiXy8 Video: How to update firmware]
* How to video: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAFb-EeiXy8 Video: How to update firmware for RaceCapture/Pro MK2]
==RaceCapture/Pro MK1==
==RaceCapture/Pro MK1==

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RaceCapture App

  • Use the RaceCapture App to configure and visualize data from your RaceCapture/Pro device.
    • MK1 users: ensure you have updated to the latest V2 firmware.


RaceCapture app downloads

Requirements: Windows 7+; 2GB RAM; OpenGL 2.0 graphics support


  • The app will fail to launch if OpenGL 2.0 graphics are not supported. If this happens try updating your graphics driver

Extract this zip package to your computer and direct Windows to the location of the drivers when you are prompted for drivers after RaceCapture/Pro is plugged in.

Windows USB Driver

Note for Windows 8 users - These drivers are unsigned. We are working on creating a signed driver set, but in the meantime you will need to disable the driver signing requirement for Windows 8. Instructions

Mac OS X

RaceCapture app downloads

Requirements: OSX 10.6+

Unzip the file and copy the RaceCapture app to your Applications directory.


Android: Use the RaceCapture/App in the Play Store

Beta app: You can run the latest app in Beta by participating in the Beta program. Instructions:

  1. Using a desktop browser (or mobile in desktop mode) go to the Autosport Labs Beta testers and request to join
  2. Enroll in the Beta by following the instructions at the top of the group (or follow instructions [https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.autosportlabs.racecapture


IOS support coming in a future release.


Packages forthcoming; meanwhile run from source from the github repository


RaceCapture/Pro MK2

RaceCapture Firmware Downloads

Installation instructions can be found in the zip archive.

Additional information

RaceCapture/Pro MK1

RaceCapture Firmware Downloads

How To Update Firmware

MK1 Bootloader Releases

The bootloader is permanently, factory installed and shouldn't normally need to be re-flashed - contact us for support if you have any questions.

Firmware update utility

This is a small command-line utility that writes new firmware to RaceCapture/Pro. Note, it is already included in the .zip distributions of RaceCapture/Pro firmware.