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Race Analyzer Downloads

Race Analyzer is the software app that lets you configure RaceCapture/Pro's features and analyze/visualize datalogging sessions.

See our Upcoming Feature List for Race Analyzer

Release Notes

Release Notes

Windows XP/Vista/7/8


Previous Releases

Mac OS X

Mac support is coming soon. If you can program OS X applications and want to help cross compile and test, drop us an email


Linux support coming soon! Likewise, if you'd like to help with the cross compiling effort, email us!

Sample Logfiles

Want to play around with the analysis/playback features of RaceAnalyzer? Download Some Sample Logfiles

Driver Downloads

Virtual serial port drivers for connecting RaceCapture/Pro to your Windows computer. Unzip the file to a directory on your computer and direct windows to this directory when prompted for drivers:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Drivers V2 For firmware version 1.2 and higher

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Drivers For firmware versions prior to 1.2

Firmware Downloads

Your RaceCapture unit already has firmware installed. If you need access to new features and/or bug fixes, download the firmware update utility and latest firmware here.

Firmware Instructions

Firmware Installation Instructions

Firmware update utility

This is a small command-line utility that writes new firmware to RaceCapture/Pro. Download this utility along with the firmware image:

Firmware Releases

Release Notes

Release Notes


Note: firmware version 1.2.0 and higher requires newer V2 Windows USB drivers

Previous Releases

Note: firmware version 1.2.0 and higher requires newer V2 Windows USB drivers

Bootloader Releases

The bootloader is factory installed and shouldn't normally need to be re-flashed.