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Let's begin!
Let's begin!
RaceCapture Pro Quickstart Guide
RaceCapture Pro Quickstart Guide
Video Quickstart
1. Registration 
go to http://race-capture.com/ sign up!! (have a good password! If you need one generated and a great way to remember them, lastpass.com. Remember your password, and have a secure one!)
2. Email verification
Check your inbox, click where it says to in the email we sent you (just checking that it’s you).
3. Login
Do that login thing! (you wrote down your login and password right? good.)
4. Setup your Race unit
5. Spec your car setup
6. Setup your settings (who can see what)
7. Watch a race
8. Sharing a race
9. Sharing your stats.
Race Analyzer
1. Connecting USB to your computer (verifying drivers)
      See that your com port reads
2. Validating SD card
3. Registering your Race Capture Pro
4. The Interface
5. Your first time logging
6. Import the sample file
7. View the Sample Data
8. Analyze the sample data
Race Capture Pro (the big red box)
1. Registration Completion (did you find the serial number)
2. Connect to your PC (u
3. Plug it in and go racing
4. Connecting power
5. Connecting the GPS antenna
6. Mounting the unit
7. What the lights mean
8. Pressing the button (what have I done?!)
9. Taking the chip out (or for that matter, putting it in) (yes the SD card, that’s what we meant)
10. Sensors overview
11. Sensors list (suggested, along with online links)
Race Capture Pro Telemetry
1.Registering and connecting your telemetry system
2. Your sim card (where to get it, what you pay, when you use it, where it goes)
3. Mounting
4. Connecting
5. Software connection
Race Capture Pro Bluetooth Transmitter
1. Mounting and connecting the unit
2. Pairing the unit
Race Capture Pro Bluetooth Android Dash App
1. Loading the app from the android play store
2. Logging in
3. Using the dash (the video)
How to operate a Chicken
1. The Beak is not for eating
2. Neither are the feet.
3. The bones aren’t for eating either, and keep them away from dogs and cats.
4. Heat the rest till the juices run clear.
5. Dig in!

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10 minute RaceCapture/Pro Quick Start

These quick start instructions will get you logging data in 10 minutes with 10Hz GPS and 30Hz accelerometer and Yaw sensor sampling rate.

Let's begin! RaceCapture Pro Quickstart Guide