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10 minute RaceCapture/Pro Quick Start

These quick start instructions will get you logging data in 10 minutes with 10Hz GPS and 30Hz accelerometer and Yaw sensor sampling rate.

Let's begin!

RaceCapture/Pro Quickstart Guide

Get a memory card

  • Find yourself a memory card between 2 and 32GB in capacity. Not required, but bonus points for formatting and removing clutter.
  • Push it in to the slot until it's seated.
    • The card slot is a "push-in / "push-out" design like a clicky ball-point pen; the card is properly seated when it's in the innermost position.


Mount RaceCapture/Pro securely to your car.

  • Ideally mount the unit flat and in the center of to get the best effect from the built-in Yaw Sensor.
  • If you're desperate for a quick test, there's no shame in bungie-ing / rubber-banding it to your arm rest!


  • Plug the GPS module into the rightmost dual-RJ11 port of the unit, located to the right of the status LEDs.
  • Place the GPS module on the roof of the car via it's magnetic mount.
  • For a quick test, just toss the GPS module onto the dash or the floor of the car!


Provide power to RaceCapture/Pro. You can do this in several ways:

  • Hard-wire it to a 9-24v power source, such as your car's electrical system.
    • RaceCapture/Pro consumes very little power when running (about 100mA) so you can tap into most any existing circuit that has an ignition switched voltage source
  • Power it from a USB charge port in your car
    • Use the included USB cable to connect to a USB charge connection in your car.
    • this is a quick and dirty solution, and we only recommend it for quick testing.
  • Power it via USB from your computer
    • It gets boring quickly, but this is good if you want to just 'bench test' the system.


Apply power to the unit and wait until GPS signal has locked on. You can tell by observing the Front panel LEDs:

  • Green power LED is lower left. This should be on steady.
  • Green GPS status is lower right.
    • GPS flashes slow (once per second) while it's acquiring the GPS lock
    • GPS flashes fast (10 times/second) when it's locked on.
    • GPS module itself flashes a red light once per second when locked on.


Once you have GPS lock, press the button on the front to start logging data!

    • There are ways to automatically start/stop logging! see our How-To guide for more information
  • You should see the upper right LED flashing rapidly, indicating data is being written to the card.
    • If you see the red light appear, there was a problem writing to the SD card.


You can start stop logging as much as you want. Each time logging starts, a new numbered log file is created on the SD card.

View / Analyze

Load the log file into the Race Analyzer software, or, you can manually analyze the raw data since the files are written in plain Comma Separated Values (CSV).