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Temperature Sensors

Engine Temperature

GM Coolant sensor

A popular sensor with custom engine management systems.

SU109 C.jpg

  • Part numbers

Wells SU109 : Standard Motors Products (SMP) TX3

  • Pigtail

Pico 5615pt


  • Format

This sensor has a 3/8" NPT threaded brass body and a 2 pin terminal.

  • Analog Channel configuration

<Race Capture Pro analog channel configuration data>

  • Notes

Can be used for air inlet temperature for normally aspirated engines

Air Inlet Temperature

GM Sensor

A sensor made popular with custom engine management systems.

SU107 C.jpg

  • Part numbers

Wells SU107 : Standard Motors Products (SMP) AX1

  • Pigtail

Pico 5616pt


  • Analog Channel Configuration

<Race Capture Pro analog channel configuration data>

  • Notes

Use for measuring air inlet temperature. Exposed sensing element, necessary for boosted engines where fast response times are necessary. Due to the fragility of the sensing bulb, it is necessary to pot the base of the sensor leads with sensor-safe silicone when used in high vibration environments.

Oil Temperature

Ambient Air Temperature

Pressure Sensors

Fluid Pressure

Boost / Vacuum

Distance Sensors

Suspension Travel

Angle Sensors

Steering Angle

Throttle Position

Brake Position

Linear Sensors