RaceCapture on Raspberry Pi

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Change the default password

For maximum security, change the password for the default user 'pi'

> passwd

Configure Raspberry Pi base settings

Enable WiFi

Enable and configure WiFi per the official documentation

(Optional) Enable SSH

You can optionally enable SSH for remote management from the comfort of your main computer's keyboard and screen.

Enable and configure ssh per the official documentation

Install multi-touch tools

Install the packages that enable multi-touch interfaces.

> sudo apt-get install mtdev-tools

Configure memory split

You'll need to bump up the memory made available to the GPU. Increase the default value of 64 to 256.

  • Via raspi-config tool

You can adjust the memory split by running the raspi-config tool. See the official documentation

  • Editing /boot/config.txt

You can adjust the value directly by editing the /boot/config.txt file.

> sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Find the line containing gpu_mem=64 and change the number to 256


Installing the RaceCapture app package

Download the latest RaceCapture app package and place it in the /opt/ directory

cd /opt
sudo wget <url of download>

Extract the package

sudo tar -xzvf <downloaded file>

Launch the app