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Telemetry Quickstart


Get a device Id

Head over to race-capture.com, create an account and a device id. Make a note of this id for later.

Integrated Telemetry

Purchasing a SIM Card

Which SIM card to get?

This is largely determined by the coverage map of the race track you'll be at. Use the coverage map checker for the respective carriers.

  • T-Mobile

Purchase a "Pay By the Day" SIM card from your local T-Mobile dealer. We recommend picking a plan with the 2G/3G unlimited data, which is currently $3 USD/day. The plan is only charged when data is actually used during a 24 hour period. Visit T-Mobile for more details on prepaid plans.

T-Mobile Coverage map tool

  • AT&T

In the RaceAnalyzer software, configure the APN settings using the following values:

AT&T Coverage Map tool

Big list of Carriers / APNs worldwide

Bluetooth Telemetry

Use the RaceCapture android app to enable telemetry directly from your internet connected phone or tablet.

Install the RaceCapture App


Configure your Device Id

In the app set settings configure the device id you created on race-capture.com and also enable Real-Time Telemetry