RacecapturePro MK3 hardware install

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RaceCapturePro MK3 Rear Diagram.png

Main Connector

The main connector provides access to all power, sensor and communications connections for the RaceCapture/Pro system. RaceCapturePro MK3 Molex pinout.png

RaceCapture/Pro MK3 connector pinout
Connection Color
12v Red
Ground Black
Frequency / RPM sensor inputs
Blue Frequency / RPM input 1
Blue / White stripe Frequency / RPM input 2
Blue / Green Stripe Frequency / RPM input 3
Blue / Orange Stripe Frequency / RPM input 4
Voltage Reference
Yellow +5v voltage reference
Analog Sensor Inputs
White Analog Input 1
White / Black Stripe Analog Input 2
White / Orange Stripe Analog Input 3
White / Blue Stripe Analog Input 4
White / Gray Stripe Analog Input 5
White / Green Stripe Analog Input 6
White / Red Stripe Analog Input 7
White / Brown Stripe Analog Input 8
General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO)
Gray GPIO 1
Gray / White Stripe GPIO 2
Gray / Blue Stripe GPIO 3
Auxiliary Serial Input
Purple / White Stripe Auxiliary RS232 Serial TX
Purple Auxiliary RS232 Serial RX
Orange / Blue Stripe CAN 1 High
Orange CAN 1 Low
Orange / Green Stripe CAN 2 High
Orange / White Stripe CAN 1 Low

Plug Connector Type

The connector is a standard 24 pin Molex Mini Fit Jr.

  • Plug Housing: Molex Mini Fit Jr 39012240
  • Compatible Pins: Molex 46018-1541 or 46018-1541
  • ProTip: a 24 pin Molex harness from a computer power supply can also work as a secondary wiring harness


Connect the included GPS antenna to this port.

  • Note: Tighten this connection to 5-6 inch/lbs (just beyond finger tight). Do not over torque

Cellular Telemetry

If optioned with the 3.5G real-time cellular telemetry module, connect the cellular antenna to this port.

  • Note: Tighten this connection to 5-6 inch/lbs (just beyond finger tight). Do not over torque

Antenna Placement Guide


For optimal GPS reception, install GPS antenna with a clear 360 degree view of the sky, such as on the roof of the vehicle.

Cellular antenna

For optimal cellular performance, install the cellular antenna on the roof of the vehicle, using the roof as a ground plane.

Antenna separation

It's recommended you separate the GPS and cellular antennas as reasonably far apart as possible, such as mounting at opposite ends of the roof. RaceCapture Pro MK3 antenna install.png

  • Note: - about 3 foot / 1 meter separation is ideal.

RJ45 CAN + Power connection

The RJ45 port provides connections for power and both CAN channels.

RaceCapturePro MK3 RJ45 pinout.png


The RJ45 port is normally provided for the OBDII CAN cable accessory for a convenient plug and play OBDII connection

CAN OBD2 cable.jpg

Custom Cable

You can also use a common RJ45 ethernet cable to provide power, ground and CAN bus data for a custom application.

RJ45 power and CAN connection pinout
Connection CAT5 EIA-T568B RJ45 cable
+12v Brown
Ground Orange/White
CAN 1 High Orange
CAN 1 Low Green/White
CAN 2 High Blue
CAN 2 Low Blue/White

Note: These color codes assume EIA-T568B RJ45 cable (check printing on the cable to confirm)


Analog Sensor inputs

Frequency / RPM sensor input


Input Mode

Output Mode


CAN Channels 1 / 2

Auxiliary Serial