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The Sequential Shift Light is a compact 4.2" x 0.5" display made up of 14 LEDs in a 3 stage array.

LED configuration

  • 6 green LEDs comprise the outer segments, wired together
  • 6 yellow LEDs comprise the middle segments, wired together
  • 2 red LEDs are in the center, wired together

Physical Features

  • All surface mount construction for ruggedness and a smooth bottom, ideal for mounting with double stick foam tape.

Electrical Connections

  • +5v common power
  • 3 triggers to activate each color segment


Sequential shift light.png


Hardware Configuration

  • MK1 only Ensure all 3 internal Digital Input/Output jumpers on the RaceCapture/Pro board are set to output mode. Refer to the Installation Guide for details.
  • Connect the Green, Yellow and Red connections from the Sequential Shift light board to Digital Input/Output 1,2,3 respectively.
  • Connect the V connection to either:
    • The +5v voltage reference
    • A separate 5V power supply
    • 12v with an extra current limiting resistor you supply. (See Diagram)

Software Configuration

  • Launch the RaceCapture App
  • Connect RaceCapture/Pro to your computer.
  • Read the current configuration from RaceCapture/Pro.
  • On the Digital Input/Output configuration page set the GPIO ports to output mode.
  • Write the configuration back to RaceCapture/Pro.
  • Power cycle RCP for changes to take effect

Lua Script

The Lua Script defines the logic for reading the sensor inputs and controlling the various outputs.

  • In RaceAnalyzer, navigate to the scripting window
  • Paste the following code into the window
    • Change the 5000, 6000 and 7000 values to the shift light threshold you prefer.
  • Press 'write script' to write the script back to RaceCapture/Pro
  • Power-cycle (unplug/replug) RaceCapture/Pro to activate the script.

function onTick() 
	local r = getTimerRpm(0) 
	if r > 5000 then setGpio(2,1) else setGpio(2,0) end 
	if r > 6000 then setGpio(1,1) else setGpio(1,0) end 
	if r > 7000 then setGpio(0,1) else setGpio(0,0) end
  • Tip - you can perform the setup on the bench just using USB power.


These instructions apply to all versions of the Megajolt system.

Hardware connections

  • Connect the Sequential Shift Light board as follows:
    • Green to PGM3
    • Yellow to PGM4
    • Red to Shift Light output
  • Voltage supply (V) to either
    • The +5v voltage reference output
    • A separate 5V power supply
    • 12v with an extra current limiting resistor you supply. (See Diagram)

Software Configuration

  • Launch the Megajolt Configuration Software and read the configuration from the controller
  • In the user output screen, set the indicator points you want for the Green, Yellow and Red connections.
  • Write the configuration back to the Megajolt controller.

More information

Technical Reference