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Specifications are preliminary and subject to change

Feature Description
Sensor Type Thermal Array
Temperature Range -40 - 200C
Accuracy 1C
Temperature Zones 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 16
Sample Rate 0.5 - 64Hz
Configurable positions 4 (Left-Front, Right-Front, Left-Rear, Right-Rear); Reversible orientation
Emissivity Configurable (0.95 default)
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Supply Voltage 6 - 12v
Power 200mW
Harness M8 4P Male, 250mm length
CAN bus
CAN baud rate 500K and 1M, jumper configurable (500K default)
Address Space 4 separate address spaces (jumper configurable)
Termination No Termination (jumper configurable)
Physical / Environmental
Dimensions 64 x 46 x 12.5mm
Weight 10 grams
Operating temperature -40 to 85C
IP Rating IP65

CAN bus protocol reference