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Datsun 240z S30

Our newest test platform, a 1973 240z, lived it's former life performing road race duties. As such, it's received the most amount of attention towards handling and safety.


  • 2.4L L24 inline six
  • 4-speed transmisison
  • 6 point roll cage
  • Momo steering wheel, Sparco Race seat
  • Upgraded sway bars- tubular front, solid rear
  • Koni shocks, unknown springs

Planned upgrades

  • Triple weber 40 DOCE; Cannon manifold
  • 3-2-1 tubular manifold
  • Megajolt Igniton
  • Wilwood 4 piston calipers, 2 piece rotors front
  • Rear disc upgrade

The 240z will be our track-day workhorse.

240z front 3quarter 800px.jpg 240z rear 3quarter 800px.jpg File:240z left rear 3quarter 800px 240z interior 800px.jpg

Toyota MR2 AW11

Our first test platform, a turbocharged (4AGTE) 1985 MR2 AW11 started it's life that has seen extensive engine and suspension modifications.

The MR2 will specialize in autocross/time-trial sprints.



  • 1.6L 4AG 7 rib block
  • Arias pistons, 8.6:1
  • Stainless +1mm valves
  • 16g turbo, custom turbo manifold
  • Megajolt Lite Jr. Ignition; Megasquirt Fuel control


  • Quaife quick ratio steering rack
  • C52 transmission, Kaaz 1.5 way clutch LSD
  • Fidenza flywheel, Clutchmasters Stage 2 clutch


  • Koni 8611 double adjustable shocks
  • Ground control coil over
  • Suspension Techniques front and rear swaybars
  • High and Tight urethane bushings
  • Bump steer correction / roll center adjustment front and rear

Mr2 hoosier rear.jpg

Mr2 hoosier profile.jpg