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Autosport Labs philosophy

Experimental Projects

Autosport Labs is dedicated to develop innovative, flexible and cost effective automotive performance systems and components. We present them to the enthusiast community as 'Experimental', and involve many with testing and feedback. Each project eventually ends up as a flexible and capable piece of automotive technology.

Typically the design, stability and reliability of various projects developed by Autosport Labs improves over time as they mature, passing through Inception, Design, Prototype, Internal Testing, Field Beta-Testing and finally made available to the general enthusiast community. Regardless of the maturity of the project, there will always be occasions where flaws are discovered- sometimes by the Autosport Labs community of users; other times by the Autosport Labs R&D staff. The "open" nature of these projects allows for these flaws to be identified, evaluated and potentially rectified in an efficient and effective way.

Open design

All projects developed by Autosport Labs are "open" in the sense that you, as the user, can inspect the design, construction, and implementation of the technology for purposes of performing the critical evaluation necessary to determine if it meets your requirements and is suitable for your application. Most, if not all, of the projects developed by Autosport Labs have a large software component. The software source code is available for download and is open to your modifications and enhancements. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the technology license agreement.

User Community and Information Resources

Autosport Labs project documentation is stored in a collaborative content management system based on popular Wiki software - right here where you're reading! You, as a user of Autosport Labs technology will find this a valuable resource for building kits, modifications and customizations, and general how-to information; you are encouraged to contribute to this information repository along with others!

Finally, but most importantly, we offer a user community at, as a resource for you to search for answers, ask questions, suggest new features, modifications or different techniques, and generally collaborate with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Thank you,

The Autosport Labs team