Honda B Series Guide

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Honda vehicles with B Series engines

Honda civic race car.jpg


Use ECU Pin A13

  • RaceCapture/Pro Settings:
    • Timer Mode: RPM
    • Pulse per revolution: 2
    • Timer Speed: Medium

Fuel Level

Fuel Level - Yel/Blk wire. This wire runs from the fuel level sending unit to the gauge cluster.

  • If not using the gauge cluster

Disconnect the wire from the gauge cluster. You need to use a 47ohm pull-up resistor. The voltage range is 0.45 (full)- 3.5v (empty).

  • Channel settings
    • Sample Rate - 1hz
    • Smoothing - Max
    • Mapped
    • 0.45 - 100%
    • 3.5 - 0%

Oil Pressure

Recommend a dedicated 10 bar / 145 PSI 0.5-4.5v pressure sensor. Pressure Sensor