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Ignition Driver boards

Jolt4 Ignition Driver

The Jolt4 Ignition Driver board groups together 4 Ignition drive transistors such as the Bosch BIP373 , On Semi NGB8202NT4G and so on.

Jolt4 brd.png

Jolt4 sch.png


  • Up to 4 ignition drivers supported
  • 10 pin molex connector for ease of use
  • LEDs indicating driver activity (requires additional drive current of 3-6ma)
  • Heat-sinking from bottom of PC board- transistors are soldered down
  • 2.48 x 3.14" board sized to fit our compact aluminum enclosure (or other enclosure accepting 2.5" width PC Boards)
  • Metric sizing for board is 63mm x 80mm

Connector Pinout

Jolt4 pinout.png


This design is released under the Autosport Labs Creative Commons license


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