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Podium Live Gauges


There are gauges at the top right on your Podium.live data page. Only channels from the list below will show up as gauges on Podium.live. Note that the spelling must exactly match and is case sensitive. If you don't want a channel to show up as a gauge, you could use an alternate name (or change the case). Ie, OilTemp would show up. Oiltemp would not. Any channel with a name that exactly matches below will show up as a gauge. If you have 3 of these than only 3 will show up. If you have 15 of the channels below, then all 15 will show up as gauges. The order in which they show up is random.

  • Coolant
  • Battery
  • FuelLevel
  • FuelReserve
  • OilPress
  • OilTemp
  • RPM
  • Speed
  • FuelPress
  • CoolPress
  • IAT
  • EngineTemp
  • AFR
  • MAP
  • Boost
  • EGT
  • TPS
  • Steering
  • Brake