RaceCapturePro2 logfile reference

Log file format

RaceCapture/Pro logs data onto SD cards using a sparsely populated comma separated value (CSV) format.

File naming

RaceCapture/Pro names files in an ascending order in a pattern of RC_XX.LOG where XX represents a number. When a new log file is created, RaceCapture/Pro will create the next log file where XX is the next available number, preventing duplicate or overwritten log files.


The log file header defines the information present in the data segment of the log file.


Each sampled channel is represented by a comma separated column. The column in the file is defined as a data structure with the following format:

  • Channel Name
  • Units Label
  • Min value
  • Max value
  • Sample Rate (Hz)

The data structure is defined as follows:

"<Name>"|"<Units>"|<Min value>|<Max Value>|<Sample Rate>



Each data structure describing a segment is separated with a comma.

Special Columns

The following columns are system defined and will appear on every log file sample, regardless of the indicated sample rate.


Interval represents the milliseconds uptime of the system, and will reflect the number of milliseconds elapsed between samples.


Utc is sourced from GPS data and will be a valid, non zero value representing UTC time in milliseconds, using the Unix time epoch of 1/1/1970 (number of milliseconds since 1/1/1970)

When there is no GPS lock, UTC will be zero.

Data segment

Within the data segment, sample values appear at the frequency defined in the header file. Channels logged at lower sample rates will appear sparsely within the file, with empty values appearing in the space between samples.



Sample Logs

Sample log files can be downloaded here


It's best to use a freshly formatted FAT16 or FAT32 file. If you log a file and the data looks scrambled, encrypted, do a fresh re-format and try again.