How To Update Firmware

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Firmware upgrade steps

Applies to:

  • RaceCapture/Pro MK3 and MK2
  • RaceCapture/Apex
  • PodiumConnect
  • RaceCapture/Track MK2 and MK1

Save your configuration

WARNING: Updating firmware will reset the default config on a major and minor release. Bugfix releases do not reset configuration. Version scheme: MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX

If in doubt, be sure to save your configuration using the RaceCapture app.

Download the firmware

Download the firmware matching your hardware version from the downloads section

  • Note Ensure you download the correct firmware for your device (matching the product name), or the firmware process will fail to complete.

Flash the firmware

Connect your system to your computer using the USB cable and connect to it with the app.

  • Note: Flashing is only possible via the USB interface, so you must use the desktop version of the RaceCapture app.


Updating Firmware

  • Unzip the firmware your downloaded to a location on your computer.
  • Connect your system to your Windows or OSX computer using the included USB cable.
  • Run the RaceCapture app, and confirm that it is connected.
  • Navigate to the Setup view
  • Save your current configuration. The firmware upgrade may reset your RaceCapture device to a factory default.
    • Press Read to read the current configuration and then press Save to save it to a file.
  • Select the Firmware section in the left menu.
    • Note: - If the RaceCapture app cannot read the configuration, you may need to first Open a previously saved configuration so you can access the firmware page.
  • Press the Update Firmware Button
  • Browse to the unzipped firmware from the first step. Select the file ending with ".ihex" - and press Open
  • The firmware will begin updating - watch for the progress to go 0-100%.
  • Restore your saved configuration by pressing the Open button, selecting your saved configuration, and then Write it to your system.
  • Confirm your firmware is updated by viewing the firmware version in the upper right corner of the RaceCapture app, after connecting.
  • Press the 'Configuration' button to navigate to the configuration section.
  • On the left menu, select Firmware
  • On the firmware screen, press the button "Update Firmware"
  • Navigate to the firmware file ending in ".ihex"
  • Select this file. The firmware will update and show a percentage progress indicator.
  • If there is a problem detecting RaceCapture/Pro, unplug/replug and restart the app.

Alternative method

  • While holding down the button on RaceCapture/Pro, power it up by plugging in to USB.
  • You should observe a rapidly flashing LED on the unit: this means it's in bootloader mode.
  • Start the app. Note, it will not be able to connect - this is expected.
  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Load a previously saved configuration file.
  • Navigate to the firmware update view, then follow the process to update firmware.


If you get an 'Unable to load bootloader' error, try this work around.

Problems? Post to the forums with the issue you're seeing - we will help you promptly.

RaceCapture/Pro MK1

Unzip the Firmware download into a folder and follow the directions in HOW_TO_FLASH.txt

Note: if you have problems getting the firmware to flash (it cannot find RaceCapture/Pro while in bootloader mode), try the following:

  • Hold down the front panel button on RCP right at the beginning of the process, before running flashRCP.bat
  • When asked 'is this your first time flashing' say 'No' so it will re-install the bootloader drivers
  • Then proceed with the firmware flash update.


Try installing the bootloader drivers while the hardware is plugged in to USB in bootloader mode (hold down logging button on RaceCapture/Pro, plug in to USB, then release button) outside of running flashRCP.bat. Then, check Windows Device Manager for the Presence of Autosport Labs bootloader while plugged in. Once you you see it show up, you can proceed with the firmware update process.

Mac Users

For Mac users with RaceCapture/Pro MK1 you will need to use a Windows VM to connect to RCP. Free virtual machine images are available here: You will need to add a network adapter to the VM. After that follow the Windows instructions.