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RaceCapturePro mk2 TelemetryQuickstart


Install SIM Card into Telemetry Module

Purchasing a SIM Card

Which SIM card to get?

This is largely determined by the coverage map of the race track you'll be at. Use the coverage map checker for the respective carriers.


Purchase a "Pay By the Day" SIM card from your local T-Mobile dealer. We recommend picking a plan with the 2G/3G unlimited data, which is currently $3 USD/day. The plan is only charged when data is actually used during a 24 hour period. Visit T-Mobile for more details on prepaid plans.

T-Mobile Coverage map tool

In the RaceAnalyzer software, configure the APN settings using the following values:

  • APN Host: epc.tmobile.com
  • APN User: <leave this blank>
  • APN Password: <leave this blank>


In the RaceAnalyzer software, configure the APN settings using the following values:

AT&T Coverage Map tool

Big list of Carriers / APNs worldwide

Installing SIM card

  • Open RaceCapture/Pro mk2 enclosure


Unlatch SIM card holder

Unlatch the card holder by gently sliding the cover in the 'open' direction and swing the cover open.

Insert SIM card

Insert the SIM card, taking note of the beveled edge. The SIM card can only be inserted in one direction.


Latch simcard holder in place

Swing the cover closed and slide towards the 'lock' position. take care that the cover is locked on both sides of the holder and it is flush with the board.


Re-assemble case

Slide board back into enclosure. Ensure LEDs are aligned with end plate and reattach end plate with screws.

  • You may need to gently press the LEDs down flush against the board in order for them to line up with the holes in the opposite end plate.

Connect components

Connecting Antenna

  • Connect antenna to RF port


Telemetry LEDs


Power LED


Network status LED


Transmit / Receive LEDs


Create a RCLive account and register your device

  • Go to www.race-capture.com, click on Signup in the top navigation
  • Create your account
  • After creating your account you will be prompted to add your device. Do it :)
  • Once added you will be given a device id, save this, you'll need it soon.

Install RaceAnalyzer

Follow the software installations instructions here: http://www.autosportlabs.net/RaceCapturePro_SoftwareOperation

Configure RaceCapture/Pro

For general RaceCapture/Pro installation and configuration be sure to review the Installation and Software guides.

Read Configuration

Before configuring any parameters read the configuration from RaceCapture/Pro

Set channel sample rates

Note, with the real-time telemetry sample rates are automatically limited to 10Hz. Logging to local SD card will be at the normal sample rates defined in the configuration.

Available bandwidth

The total available data rate is a function of number of channels combined with sample rate and is also affected by cellular network conditions. We will have an expanded guide and tool set to help identify optimal sample rates.

Set device id

Add your device id that you wrote down when adding your device to race-capture.com to the Telemetry Device Id field under the Logging/Telemetry section: Devicesetup.png

Write configuration

  • Click the 'Write' button in RaceAnalyzer
  • Power cycle RCP (turn off then on again)


RaceCapture/Pro with GPS & telemetry needs more power than a regular USB port can supply. You'll either need to connect it to your car's power directly, via a cigarette power adapter with wires or a powered usb hub similar to these:

We have not tested the above units; we offer them as suggestions of possible USB hubs with enhanced power capabilities.

Press the black switch on the front of your RaceCapture/Pro device to start logging. You will observe the Transmit LED blinking rapidly once the Cellular module is registered to the cellular network and after the link has been initialized, which ranges from a few seconds and up to 1 minute.

Got to race-capture.com/home, you should see a new event labeled 'Ad-hoc event ...', click on it, then click on your device on the next page.


View your live telemetry! Race faster!


If you cannot see data flowing to www.race-capture.com check the following:

  • Your RaceCapture/Pro logging rates are set to the suggested sample rates
  • You are powering RaceCapture/Pro using a 12v power supply through the terminal block. It will not work over computer USB power due to power constraints
  • When connected to the cell network you should see a slow flash on the cellular module's status light - 1 flash every 3 seconds
  • When actively logging you should see the TX light (upper left light on cellular module) rapidly flashing. This may take up to 1 minute for the initial connection.
  • Still having troubles? Let us know on the forums and we'll help you out!