V3.2.x / 2.8.x Downloading the MJLJ firmware

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Identifying your MJLJ version

The version of firmware you install depends on the board version you have. It is critical you install the correct firmware for your board!

If the incorrect firmware is installed, the MJLJ will not synchronize correctly with the EDIS module and ignition timing errors will occur.

If you don't recall the version of the MJLJ hardware you have, you can quickly remove the top four cover screws for a quick board inspection.

MJLJ V2.x hardware

Mjlj board and proc.jpg

Download the MJLJ 2.8.x firmware image from the V2.x download area

MJLJ V3.x hardware

Mjlj 3.0.0 board and proc.jpg

Download the MJLJ 3.2.x firmware image from the V3.x download area