V3.2.x / 2.8.x Feature summary

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New features and enhancements for this version:

  • Dual Ignition configuration support, hardware switchable (via 'option port') at runtime.
  • Full TPS / Alternate MAP sensor calibration support. After calibration, the TPS value will measure actual throttle opening percentage. External MAP sensors will also be possible.
  • Hysteresis on all configurable outputs.
  • Cranking RPM will default to ignition cell (0,0). This is special behaviour for those that need a specific ignition advance while cranking.
  • Enhanced runtime state reporting: User output states & active configuration information is made available for display by the PC configuration software.
  • Improvements to interactive tuning- a new controller command allows for more responsive behaviour while tuning a running engine.
  • Firmware version number reporting.

MjljConfigV3.1.0 tuning screenshot.png
V3.1.0 Configurator screenshot

MjljConfigV3.1.0 loadCalDialog.png
TPS calibration window