V3.2.x / 2.8.x Installing the new firmware image

From the same area where you downloaded the new firmware, download the "Firmware programming software" from the Downloads area, and save it to a directory on your hard drive, typically the same location where you saved your new fimware.

Open a command window (Click Start / Run, and enter 'cmd') and then navigate to the directory where you downloaded your MJLJ files.

First, ensure your mjlj is not powered on. Then, enter the following command:

> hc08sprg.exe COM1 mjlJunior_V3.2.1.s19
  • Replace COM1 with the COM port your MJLJ is installed on
  • Be sure to specify the correct mjlj firmware file.

The program will wait for a signal from the MJLJ processor. Once you see this message, apply power to the MJLJ- you will see some more information, and then you will be prompted to continue programming. If you are ready to flash the new firmware, enter 'Y'.

If all goes well, you will see a progress indicator as the processor is loaded with the new firmware image.

Here is a typical output from a successful firmware upgrade:

c:\>cd c:\mjlj
c:\mjlj>hc08sprg.exe COM1 mjlJunior_V3.2.1.s19
Waiting for HC08 reset ACK...received 0xfc (good).
Calibration break pulse sent. Count: 1
Bootloader version string: KX8-IR
Available flash memory: 0xE000-0xFC7F
Erase block size:  64 bytes
Write block size:  32 bytes
Original vector table: 0xFFDC
Bootloader user table: 0xFC80
Bootloader data (hex): 82 80 00 00 00 66 20 f3
Are you sure to program part? [y/N]: y
Memory programmed:          100%