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How To Update Firmware

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RaceCapture/Pro MK2

Save your configuration

WARNING: Updating firmware will reset the default config on a major and minor release. Bugfix releases do not reset configuration. Version scheme: MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX

If in doubt, be sure to save your configuration using the RaceCapture app.

Connect RaceCapture/Pro MK2 to your computer and connect to it with the app.

  • Press the 'Configuration' button to navigate to the configuration section.
  • On the left menu, select Firmware
  • On the firmware screen, press the button "Update Firmware"
  • Navigate to the firmware file ending in ".ihex"
  • Select this file. The firmware will update and show a percentage progress indicator.
  • If there is a problem detecting RaceCapture/Pro, unplug/replug and restart the app.

Alternative method

  • While holding down the button on RaceCapture/Pro, power it up by plugging in to USB.
  • You should observe a rapidly flashing red LED on the unit: it is in bootloader mode.
  • Start the app. Note, it will not be able to connect - this is expected.
  • Navigate to the configuration/firmware update screen, select the firmware file and update the firmware.

Problems? visit http://autosportlabs.org and post your question - we will help you promptly.

RaceCapture/Pro MK1

Unzip the Firmware download into a folder and follow the directions in HOW_TO_FLASH.txt

Note: if you have problems getting RaceCapture/Pro recognized in bootloader mode, try installing the bootloader drivers while the hardware is plugged in to USB in bootloader mode (hold down logging button on RaceCapture/Pro, plug in to USB, then release button)