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Welcome to the new home of the MegaJolt Lite Jr. Project!

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Don't worry- everything is still here, but much better! We've picked best of breed (factoring in cost, of course. :) ) software to handle three main areas: Better Community

Automotive performance enthusiasts (you) can now engage in discussion on our new forums. We had to write a migration script from scratch, but it was worth it! Better Information

We now have a collaborative content management system (what you're reading) based on the same software that runs Here you'll find all the build, installation, troubleshooting and customization resources for the various projects we're working on. More grown-up

It was long overdue: we needed to ditch that horrible paypal shopping cart. So why do you care- right? The simple answer is it will make us more efficient so we can spend more time developing automotive technologies. ;-)

Why the change?

The mission of Autosport Labs is to amplify the philosophy behind the MegaJolt Lite Jr.: Develop and offer an array of innovative automotive performance technologies in an unconventional way. Read more on our About page.

Thanks, and welcome!

Brent Picasso, Founder
Autosport Labs
MegaJolt Lite Jr Project