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Enabling OBD-II

Supported OBD-II interfaces

Currently RaceCapture/Pro supports the CAN bus protocol for OBD-II for 2008 and newer ECUs.

  • Some prior ECUs are supported such as Ford - check the manufacturer's information for more information.
  • List of CAN bus supported vehicles prior to 2008
  • For older non-CAN bus OBD-II systems, we are developing bridge adapter that will translate older OBD-II protocols to CAN. Due Q1 2015

System Configuration

  • Pre-requisites: Ensure you have firmware version 2.7.3 or later.
  • Start the RaceCapture app and read the current configuration from RaceCapture/Pro
  • Navigate to the Configuration / OBD-II view

Enable CAN bus

  • Enable the CAN bus and select the baud rate for your interface.
  • Protip: Most ECUs operatate at 500K or 250K baud. Try 500K first, then 250K. If neither work, consult the vehicle manufacturer

RC app can bus config.png

Enable OBD-II Channels

Rc app obd2 config.png

  • Enable OBD2 by enabling the switch at the top
  • press the "+" button at the bottom to add a new OBD-II channel.
    • Specify the channel and logged sample rate.
    • Protip: The OBD-II protocol requests data sequentially, one OBD-II query per channel. Consequently, the logged sample rate may be slower than the actual rate OBD-II data is retrieved from the ECU. This will be more noticeable as more channels are enabled.


Write the configuration

  • Write the configuration back to RaceCapture/Pro by touching the icon button in the lower left of the screen with the arrow pointing down.

Connect OBD-II cable

  • Connect OBD-II cable and plug the RJ-45 end into the plug next to the green terminal block.
  • Protip: You can power RaceCapture/Pro (MK2) from the OBD-II connection, for a plug and play installation

Observe OBD-II data

With the engine running and app connected in dashboard mode, navigate to the dashboard's raw channel view - you can observe the OBD-II data streaming along with the other sensor values.

  • Protip: This OBD-II data will be included in the data logged to SD card and telemetry stream.

Rc app obd2 raw channel view.png