Megasquirt CAN

Megasquirt Integration

Channels enabled:

  • Engine RPM (RPM)
  • Throttle Position (TPS)
  • Coolant Temperature (Coolant)
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)
  • Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR)
  • And more

Megasquirt Wiring


Use the CAN High and Low connections from either CAN1 or CAN2. Typically CAN1 is used, so you would use CAN 1 High' and CAN 1 Low. RaceCaptureApex can bus pinout.png

RaceCapture/Pro MK3

Use the CAN High and Low connections from either CAN1 or CAN2 on the 24 pin Molex harness. Typically CAN1 is used, so you would use CAN 1 High' and CAN 1 Low. RaceCapture Pro MK3 Molex CAN pinout.png

RaceCapture/Pro MK2 MK3 RJ45 and RaceCapture/Track (MK1 / MK2)

You can use a standard CAT-5 ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors to integrate with RaceCapture/Pro MK2/MK3 and RaceCapture/Track MK2

  • Note, RaceCapture/Track MK1 can be used, but you must wire it to CAN1
Power, ground and CAN bus connections to RaceCapture/Pro
Connection RaceCapture/Pro (RJ45 cable)
+12v Brown
Ground Orange/White
CAN 1 High Orange
CAN 1 Low Green/White

These color codes assume EIA-T568B RJ45 cable (check printing on the cable to confirm)

  • Note: If you have RaceCapture/Pro powered through the terminal block and grounded at the same location, all you need to wire are the two CAN ligh/CAN low connections. You do not need to separately connect ground and power via the RJ45 port.



Connect RaceCapture CAN High / CAN Low to pins 2 and 3 of the Microsquirt wiring harness, according to the instructions in the Microsquirt Manual

Megasquirt 2 V3

Wire up the CANH / CANL internal jumpers according to the instructions in the Megasquirt Manual

If connected per the guide, you CAN connections will be on the following port on the DB37

  • CAN High - DB37 Pin 3 (SPR1)
  • CAN Low - DB37 Pin 4 (SPR2)

Connect CAN High and CAN Low to the corresponding CAN High and CAN Low channel connections on RaceCapture/Pro

Note Ensure the Megasquirt has the correct internal modifications to allow CAN bus operation; usually requiring the addition of jumpers. Please refer to the Megasquirt documentation for more information.

MS3 Pro

Refer to the MS3-Pro MS3-Pro wiring manual for wiring instructions.

CAN bus connections available on MS3-Pro white connector:

  • CAN High: Pin 34
  • CAN Low : Pin 33


Megasquirt CAN RCP.jpg

Enable Megasquirt CAN broadcast

In TunerStudio, enable CAN mode and burn it to the controller. Once this is done, RaceCapture/Pro will be receiving CAN bus data from the Megasquirt.

  • Note: Enable CAN broadcast at 1520 in Tuner Studio, and set CAN baud rate to 500K.

Megasquirt Preset

Once wiring and connections are complete, select the Megasquirt preset under Setup / CAN Channels, and then write the changes to your RaceCapture system.

RaceCapture Megasquirt CAN mapping.png


Once connected and with the preset loaded, navigate to the Dashboard screen in the RaceCapture app to verify data connectivity.