RaceCapturePro Downloads

RaceCapture App

  • Use the RaceCapture App to configure and visualize data from your RaceCapture/Pro device.
    • MK1 users: ensure you have updated to the latest V2 firmware.


RaceCapture app downloads

Requirements: Windows 7+; 2GB RAM; OpenGL 2.0 graphics support

Note on OpenGL 2.0 requirements

  • The app will fail to launch if OpenGL 2.0 graphics are not supported. If this happens try updating your graphics driver, or use a computer with updated graphics support.

Windows USB Driver

Windows 10:

  • No drivers are needed for Windows 10. Windows will automatically detect RaceCapture/Pro, and it will appear as a USB Serial device under Device Manager.

Windows XP, 7, 8:

Mac OS X

RaceCapture app downloads

Requirements: OSX 10.6+

Unzip the file and copy the RaceCapture app to your Applications directory.



Google Play Store Download

Amazon App Store Download


IOS support coming in a future release.


Packages forthcoming; meanwhile run from source from the github repository


RaceCapture/Pro MK2

RaceCapture Firmware Downloads

Installation instructions can be found in the zip archive.

Additional information

RaceCapture/Pro MK1

RaceCapture Firmware Downloads

How To Update Firmware

MK1 Bootloader Releases

The bootloader is permanently, factory installed and shouldn't normally need to be re-flashed - contact us for support if you have any questions.

Firmware update utility

This is a small command-line utility that writes new firmware to RaceCapture/Pro. Note, it is already included in the .zip distributions of RaceCapture/Pro firmware.