RaceCapturePro FAQ

What analysis software is available for RaceCapture/Pro?

There are 3 main options available for analyzing your captured data:

Cloud-based real-time analysis on Podium

RaceCapture/Pro is specifically designed for real-time telemetry, and can push data to the cloud at Podium.

Data is transmitted from your race car in real-time during the race and can be analyzed live by anyone you've shared the link with.

This allows:

  • live remote coaching
  • sharing with colleagues
  • accessibility via any computer with a modern web browser

Explore an Example Race Session

There are a few ways to get data into Podium:

  1. Use the Real-Time Telemetry Module add-on for RaceCapture/Pro. Data flows to the cloud in real time, while you are racing. This is the ideal solution for dedicated race cars.
  2. Use the Bluetooth adapter and the free Android mobile app. Data flows to the cloud in real-time via the RaceCapture mobile app (data plan required)

Race Analyzer App

The Race Analyzer app, which is the main application for configuring RaceCapture/Pro's features, offers analysis capabilities that allows you to load and compare data from multiple sessions into a common view. More features will be added as this software matures.

The app plus sample log files can be downloaded here.

Gems Data Analysis

RaceCapture/Pro is compatible with the extremely powerful, industry standard and free-to-use Gems Data Analysis software package.

A community-contributed utility was created to transform RaceCapture/Pro native format into the Gems format. We are looking to add this conversion utility to our software to make it even easier to use.

How do I automatically start/stop RaceCapture/Pro logging?

To automatically start logging when the vehicle is moving more than 10mph, paste the following into the script window in RaceAnalyzer, and then write the configuration to RaceCapture/Pro:

function onTick() if getGpsSpeed() > 10 then startLogging() else stopLogging() end end

Note, this will override the behavior of the front mounted logging trigger button.

What happens if power is lost while logging to SD?

RaceCapture/Pro streams data continuously to the SD card, and every 10 seconds synchronizes the file markers on the file so that if power is suddenly lost during logging, the data since the last file marker synchronization is retained.

How do I configure the start/finish line for calculating lap time and tracking lap counts?

You can use Google Maps to find the start finish line for the track you're racing at.