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RaceCapture troubleshooting

If RaceCapture isn't operating as expected, there are a few places to inspect that can help understand what's going on.

System Status

The System status page provides information on the status of various parts of the RaceCapture system.

  • Ensure the RaceCapture app is connected to RaceCapture
  • In the RaceCapture app press the top menu button and select 'System Status'

RaceCapture system status.png

RaceCapture Log

The RaceCapture hardware will generate messages that can provide insight into specific problems.

To access the RaceCapture Log

  • Ensure the RaceCapture app is connected to RaceCapture
  • Navigate to Setup and then select the Scripting screen (RaceCapture/Pro and RaceCapture/Apex) or the Logs screen (RaceCapture/Track)
  • Check the box next to Poll Log at the bottom of the screen.
  • The RaceCapture app will periodically query RaceCapture for log information. The log window will show messages from RaceCapture - scan these message for any errors. You can also copy the text in the log for future reference.

RaceCapture system log.png

Application Log

The RaceCapture app itself generates it's own log messages, separate from the RaceCapture hardware.

To access the application log:

  • Navigate to the System Status page
  • Select the Application section of the page
  • Press the Copy button. This will copy the current application log to the system's clipboard.
  • Paste the log into an email or document to review it's contents.

RaceCapture application log.png

Saving your configuration

Periodically you will need to save your configuration as a backup or for sharing.

To save your configuration to a file:

  • Launch the RaceCapture app
  • Connect your RaceCapture system to the app
  • Navigate to Setup view.
  • Press the Read button to read the current configuration
  • Press the Save button to save the current configuration to the file you specify.

The saved RaceCapture configuration file will have the extension '.rcp'.

RaceCapture read and save configuration.png

Resetting the analysis data store

If you need to reset the data storage used for the analysis mode, follow these steps:

  • Determine the location of the datastore file

The datastore file is called datastore.sq3 and is stored in the user's storage for the RaceCapture app. This file is stored in a different location based on the operating system you are using.

To find it's location, launch the RaceCapture app and immediately go to the System Status view and press the Copy button to copy the application log file to the system's clipboard. RaceCapture application log.png

Open notepad or similar text editor and paste the RaceCapture app's log.

You will find the location of the datastore in the log messages, starting with the phrase Datastore Path: . Make a note of this path.


[Base        ] Start application main loop
[UserPrefs   ] Saving preferences
[Main        ] Datastore Path:/home/susy/.config/racecapture/datastore.sq3
[Main        ] initializing datastore...
[RacecaptureApp] initializing rc comms with, conn type: Serial
[RCPAPI      ] msg_rx_worker starting
[RCPAPI      ] cmd_sequence_worker starting
[RCPAPI      ] auto_detect_worker starting
  • Backing up and removing the current datastore.sq3

Browse to the location you previously noted. You should find a file called datastore.sq3.

Move this file out of the current directory, to a separate location for safe keeping, if necessary. If you do not have a need for the old datastore, you can safely remove it.

  • Re-launching the RaceCapture app

Now, re-launch the RaceCapture app. The RaceCapture app will create a fresh, empty datastore.sq3. You can now import your logs as needed.