MegaJolt Lite Jr.

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The Megajolt Lite Jr. (MJLJ) is a fully programmable, stand-alone ignition controller designed to control a Ford EDIS 4, 6 or 8 crank-fired ignition module. The result is a precision, digitally controlled distributor-less ignition system.

The MJLJ is an ideal ignition solution for carburated engines; it can also work in conjunction with compatible EFI systems.

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Quick Links

Quick Links

Hard Rev Limiter

An external module which provides hard rev limiting capabilities, triggered by the rev limiter output of the MegaJolt Lite Jr.


V4 Current Features

  • 10 x 10 ignition map, with full linear interpolation between values
  • Load axis calibrated by on-board Manifold Pressure (MAP) sensor or external Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
  • Analog auxiliary input to further correct ignition map
  • Four user-defined output switches, which trigger on RPM or load
  • 'Shift light' output- for driving a dash-mounted shift light
  • External Rev-Limit trigger output (The Ford EDIS module has no 'rev limit' signal, so an external circuit to disable the ignition coil is required)
  • Modern, easy to use, and customizable Windows-based Configuration/Tuning software Screenshots
  • Dual, on-the-fly switchable ignition configuration
  • Fine-tune crank sensor position
  • Configurable cranking RPM advance
    • Load, modify and save Ignition Configuration
    • View, log and interact with engine runtime data
    • Interactively visualize and tune ignition map

System Diagram

Implementing a crank-fired ignition system is straightforward. Once you perform the necessary mechanical installation of the crank trigger wheel and sensor, the rest is a straightforward wiring process.

Megajolt system.jpg

Software Screenshots

Main Screen

The main screen displays runtime data at a glance plus allows editing of the primary ignition map.
Mjlj v4 main screenshot connected.png

Interactive Tuning Window

You can interactively tune on the fly using the intuitive 3D tuning view.
Mjlj v4 operation guide tuning view.png

Advance Correction

The Auxiliary input channel allows further adjustment of ignition advance on top of the base map. A typical use is to correct advance based on engine temperature, through the use of a temperature sensor, or react from a 0-5V signal provided by an external system.
Mjlj v4 advance correction.png

Datalogging View

You can observe runtime data plotted against time, as well as save data to a log file for later viewing and analysis.
Mjlj v4 operation guide open datalog.png

General Information and Downloads

Current Hardware

Version 4.x

Mjlj v4 preview case board perspective.jpgMjlj v4 board preview.jpgMjlj v4 preview map peeking.jpgMjlj v4 preview molex peeking.jpgMjlj v4 preview end installed.jpg

Older hardware revisions

Version 3.x

MjljV3 MAP prebuilt.jpgMjlj v3 build step6 map.jpgMjlj v3 build step5 map.jpg

Version 2.x

Mjlj v2 molex end.jpgMjlj v2 open case closeup2.jpgMjlj assembly complete.jpg

Ancient History

Mjljv1 assembled.jpgMjljv1 board.jpg