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Motorsports Data and Telemetry


PodiumConnect with data systems white background.jpg Add to cart.png

RaceCapture/Pro MK4

Racecapture pro mk4 connectors 1024.jpg Add to cart.png

RaceCapture/Track MK3

Rct mk3 3quarter.jpg Add to cart.png

Video+Data livestreaming

Add video+data livestreaming to any RaceCapture or PodiumConnect system

RaceCapture App on the Raspberry Pi

Use a Raspberry Pi and create a dedicated dash for your RaceCapture system

Racecapture raspberry pi.jpg

Engine Management

Megajolt Programmable Crank Fired Ignition

MegajoltE map.jpg

Sensors and Integration

TireX Multi-zone tire temperature sensor

Tirex 3quarter.jpg
Pre-orders starting soon

ShiftX3 RGB sequential shift light, alerts and gear display

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AnalogX2 4 channel Analog to CAN

Analogx2 top.jpg

OBD2CAN OBDII Legacy Adapter

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Previous Generation Products


RaceCapture Apex.jpg

RaceCapture/Pro Mk3

RaceCapturePro MK3.jpg

RaceCapture/Pro MK2

Racecapture mk2 3quarter.jpg

RaceCapture/Pro MK1

RaceCapturePro RevF with gps.jpg

RaceCapture/Track MK2

RaceCapture external antenna 3quarter.jpg

RaceCapture/Track MK1

RCT in hand.jpg

AnalogX 4 channel analog to CAN bus I/O exapnder

AnalogX icons.jpg

ShiftX2 RGB Sequential Shift light and alerts

ShiftX multi.png

OBD2CAN OBDII Legacy Adapter (RJ45 cable style)

Obd2can full.jpg