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This page is the start of a list of CAN support and documentation on how to pull data from the CAN bus on various cars and ECUs.

RaceCapture CAN bus broadcast API

In addition to the ability to broadcast your own CAN bus messages via Lua scripting, RaceCapture broadcasts it's own CAN data for various functions:

CAN Bus Database

The CAN Bus Database contains a collection of known CAN bus mappings by device and OEM ECUs.

CAN bus logging and research

Use this Lua script to make a simple CAN bus logger/sniffer to dump all CAN bus messages to the RaceCapture/Pro log.

Setting up a new CAN bus system? Here's how to get started.




Tire Temperature

Data Acquisition and Dashboards



  • Maxda MX-5 (2008+)
  • Subaru BRZ / Toyota FRS