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Welcome to Autosport Labs

Autosport Labs Projects

Race capture small logo.png
RaceCapture assembled led 3quarter 400.jpg

Race Capture

Data Acquisition and Control

Mjlj small logo.png

MegajoltE map.jpg

Megajolt Lite Jr.

Programmable Ignition Controller

Other things we're working on

DIY Racing Helmet Microphone

Tweeting Race Car

Our race cars tweet autonomously while on the race track!

Ignition Driver Modules

Ignition driver boards for Coil On Plug and other applications

Tachometer Adapter

Tachometer Adapter: Adapts Tachometer to multiple coil packs

Megajolt2 Roadmap

Info on our next generation Megajolt2 platform- testing in 2010!

Autosport Labs R&D Platforms

Meet the test platforms we inflict our projects upon!

240z left rear 3quarter 400px.jpg


CPU Module

The Autosport Labs CPU Module will be the heart of our future projects. This piece combines DIY friendliness with high speed high performance 32 bit processing power.

Other Things